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Eat4Life is a program developed to help Windsor-Essex residents learn more about healthy eating, physical activity, and behaviour change.  This program is unique, research–based, and consists of three courses: Healthy Living, Weight Management, and Mindful Eating.

To learn more about each course, click on each heading below.

Want to learn more about healthy eating, physical activity, and making healthy lifestyle changes? Now you can from the comfort of your own home.

What is the Eat4Life Healthy Living E-learning Course?

The Eat4Life Healthy Living E-learning Course is an online healthy eating course developed for adults by the Registered Dietitians working in the Community Primary Health Care and Public Health Partnership of Windsor and Essex County.

Backed by the latest science, the Eat4Life Healthy Living E-learning Course focuses on building skills in label reading and meal planning, as well as healthy grocery shopping, holidays, celebrations, and much more. It also teaches the importance of physical activity, and how to set goals for successful lifestyle changes.

Originally only offered in an in-person class, the Eat4Life Healthy Living E-learning Course is now just a click away! This easy online platform allows you to log on to the course from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, and at a time and place that works best for you and your schedule.

Within this self-directed e-learning course is five classes and many resources. It is recommended that the course be completed over a 5-week time period (i.e., one class per week), to provide enough time to put the different skill-building lessons into practice. Each class is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours in length, but you will be able to start and stop as many times as you’d like. Classes within the course talk about key healthy eating topics, which build on each other.

By the end of this course, you should have gained knowledge and skills to help you, your family, and those in your social circle, be more informed about healthy eating.

Class 1: Nourishing You starts of the course and discusses what healthy eating means, why physical activity is important, and how to set SMART goals.

Class 2: Choosing Healthy Foods discusses how to make the best food choices, and teaches the important skill of reading food labels. This class also looks at the benefits of physical activity, as well as things that affect healthy eating habits.

Class 3: Menu Planning talks about how to meal plan for yourself and your family, healthy cooking tips, and the importance of hydration. Strength training, the barriers to physical activity, and how to stick to new habits is also discussed.

Class 4: Grocery Store Tour takes you on a virtual tour of the grocery store, providing tips for healthy shopping along the way. This class also looks at how our environment plays a role in our healthy eating habits.

Class 5: Enjoy Your Food teaches the importance of eating together, and healthy eating while eating out and in times of celebration. Flexibility physical activities and mindful eating are also introduced.

The Eat4Life Healthy Living E-learning Course is open to adults at absolutely no cost. Yes, that’s right – it’s free!

What if I have questions while taking the e-learning class?

If you have questions related to the course content, you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, or submit a question to a dietitian using the “Ask a Dietitian” portal. Your question will be answered within 3 business days.

What device do I need to do this class?

Any smart device (such as, a smart phone or tablet) or computer can be used to take this class.

What internet browser should I use?

Most modern web browsers, like Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc., should work for this e-learning module. If you find yourself having difficulty, consider trying a new browser, check the FAQ section, or contact a dietitian via the “Ask a Dietitian” portal.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for this e-learning course here.

The Eat4Life Healthy Living course aims to build a foundation of healthy habits to help you make healthy choices for life. This course is recommended as the first course to take in this series, as it provides a basis of healthy living information that will assist with the teachings of the other two courses. 

In this five week course, you can join a Registered Dietitian to learn how to change old habits, nourish your body and mind, choose foods, plan menus, and get active.

Building on the principles of the Eat4Life Healthy Living course, the focus of Eat4Life Weight Management is to help participants manage their weight using healthy eating and physical activity. In this seven week course, participants will work with a Registered Dietitian and look at a number of topics that relate to reaching and keeping your best weight. 

In order to take this weight management course, participants must have:

If you meet the above criteria, please call the organizations below for more information about upcoming classes and how to register:


Phone Number

CMHA Health Centre


Windsor Family Health Team


The focus of the Eat4Life Mindful Eating course is on being mindful of what we eat, and how the environment around us plays a role in health. In this course, participants can learn how to become more aware of how the mind plays a role in health and wellness.  Also five weeks long, this course can be taken on its own or following another Eat4Life Course.

Eat4Life courses are offered by many organizations throughout Windsor and Essex County, at different times and locations during the year.

For more information about any Eat4Life course at location near you, please visit the Shared Community Health Calendar or contact one of the following organizations below:

A list of organizations offering Eat4Life courses, and their phone numbers:


Phone Number

Amherstburg Family Health Team


CMHA Health Centre


Essex County Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic


Harrow Family Health Team


Lakeshore Community Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic


Leamington and Area Family Health Team

519 -322-1100

Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC)

519-916 -1755

Windsor-Essex Community Health Centre




Windsor Family Health Team


Eat4Life is brought to you by the Community Primary Health Care and Public Health Partnership of Windsor and Essex County.


National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, a time when Registered Dietitians from across Canada work to bring healthy eating to the forefront, and teach Canadians about the important role food plays. Food has incredible potential; in fueling the body, in bringing people together, in preventing disease, and in healing.  To learn more about Nutrition Month, visit Dietitians of Canada


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