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We are closed on Monday, August 1 for the Civic Holiday.


Eat4Life Healthy Lifestyle Program


Monday, June 27
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Eat4Life is a unique, research-based healthy lifestyle program. The goal of Eat4Life is to build a foundation of healthy habits that will help you make healthy choices for life. Join a Registered Dietitian and learn how to change old habits, nourish your body and mind, choose foods, plan menus, and get active in this five week program.

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Monday, August 1 | Closed for the Civic Holiday
Monday, September 5 | Closed for Labour Day
Saturday, September 10 | Car Seat Clinic - September, 2016

Current Topics

Listeria is a bacteria that can cause a rare but serious illness called listeriosis. Those who are pregnant, the elderly, and those with a weakened immune system have a higher risk of becoming seriously ill.

Zika virus is caused by a virus which is spread by the Aedes mosquito. The Aedes species of mosquito is not native to Canada.

The Health Unit strongly recommends getting immunized according to the Publicly Funded Immunization Schedule for Ontario.

Blue-green algae are microscopic bacteria that occur naturally in fresh water lakes. In warm weather, with the right nutrients and low wind, they can form a large mass called a bloom. Residents and visitors are urged to take a cautious approach, monitor the situation, and protect themselves from potential health risks.

Picnic and barbecue season offers lots of outdoor fun with family and friends. Warm weather is also perfect for foodborne bacteria to grow quickly. It’s important to follow these safe food handling tips.

Ticks are a relative to the spider and are a crawling, non-flying insect. They vary in size and colour. Ticks are very small (1 to 5 mm) when unfed and female ticks get larger and change colour when feeding. Ticks can spread Lyme Disease.

Chickenpox is a very contagious and common illness with rash and fever caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Chickenpox illness usually lasts about 5 to 10 days and is usually a mild infection, however, it can be life-threatening to some.