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In this section you'll find information to help you stay physically and mentally healthy while preventing chronic diseases.  

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Physical Activity

Being active helps contribute to a healthy mind, a healthy body and overall well-being. For older adults (65+) regular moderate to vigorous physical activity is also a key factor in the prevention of serious injuries from falls. Being active can lead to better balance, motor function, muscle strength, mobility and also reduces the risk of many potential chronic diseases that can develop as we get older (Morgan et al., 2016).

Where to get the Flu Shot

In Ontario, the flu vaccine is free from your primary health care provider, participating pharmacies, and at many walk-in clinics. People who work, live, or study in Ontario are eligible for the free flu vaccine each year.
View the list of participating pharmacies in each municipality in Windsor-Essex providing the flu shot for the 2023/2024 season.