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Do you have a well on your property?

Queen’s University, in partnership with McMaster University, the Dublin Institute of Technology and Public Health Ontario is conducting an online survey of residents who have a well on their property.

The “WELLness” Project is collecting information to help understand knowledge levels of private well water use and stewardship. The goal of the project is to develop a knowledge-based tool for private well owners and public health professionals.

The survey will take approximately 10-12 minutes to complete and can be found here.

Drinking water comes from many different sources such as lakes, rivers, and shallow or drilled wells. We use this water every day for drinking, brushing our teeth, washing fruits and vegetables, bathing, and cleaning dishes. Drinking water in Ontario must meet specific standards set by Health Canada. Water test results can be compared to the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.

Our Health Unit works with different community partners to make sure everyone has access to clean drinking water. These partners include:

  • Working with operators of municipal water systems Ontario Regulation 170/03.
  • Working with operators of small drinking water systems Ontario Regulation 319/08.
  • Issuing boil water or drinking water advisories when drinking water has been contaminated or there’s a chance for contamination.
  • Helping home owners on a private well test and understand their results.
  • For addition information regarding water testing visit the Public Health Ontario Website.