Leadership Team

Executive Leadership:

  • ext: 1458Dr. Ken Blanchette, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • ext: 1476Dr. Mehdi Aloosh, Medical Officer of Health (MOH)


  • ext: 3401Dan Sibley, Director: 
    Human Resources
  • ext: 1392Currently Recruiting, Director: 
    Corporate Services - Facilities, Information Technology, and Finance
  • ext: 3402Kristy McBeth, Program Director: 
    Healthy Schools Promotion, Vaccine Preventable Diseases, Sexual Health, Clinic Services, Epidemiology and Evaluation, Planning & Strategic Initiatives, and Environmental Health
  • ext: 3115Eric Nadalin, Program Director: 
    Oral Health, Chronic Disease, Injury & Substance, and Communications
  • ext: 1325Linda Watson, Program Director: 
    Healthy Families, and Infectious Disease Prevention


Corporate Services and Foundational Standards:

  • ext: 3171Ashleigh Atkinson, Manager: Communications
  • ext: 1394Fernando Bayuga, Manager: Facilities & Information Technology
  • ext: 1388Jean-Louis Racicot, Manager: Finance
  • ext: 1357Marc Frey, Manager: Planning & Strategic Initiatives, & Epidemiology and Evaluation

Environmental Health Department:

  • ext: 2101Victoria Peczulis, Program Manager: Environmental Health
  • ext: 3156Elaine Bennett, Program Manager: Environmental Health

Healthy Schools Department (School Health Promotion, Vaccine Preventable Diseases):

  • ext: 1369Kelly Farrugia, Program Manager: Healthy Schools Promotion
  • ext: 1230Joanne Hegazi, Program Manager: Healthy Schools and Immunization
  • ext: 3241Jennifer Johnston, Program Manager: Healthy Schools and Immunization

Infectious Disease Prevention:

  • ext: 1526Razane Diab, Program Manager: Infectious Disease Prevention
  • ext: 1214Sandra Vesco, Program Manager: Infectious Disease Prevention 

Healthy Families Department:

  • ext: 1310Amanda Ryall, Program Manager: Healthy Families
  • ext: 1371Stephanie McCallum, Program Manager: Healthy Families

Oral Health Department:

  • ext: 1202Sarah Hill, Program Manager: Oral Health

Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Department:

  • ext: 1135Jennifer Bradt, Program Manager: CDIP