Boil Water Advisories

Why has this Boil Water Advisory been issued?

A Boil Water Advisory has been issued because recent conditions or concerns may have adversely affected the quality or safety of your potable water supply.

What should I do during a Boil Water Advisory?

The Health Unit advises that all water used for consumption be heated to a hard boil for at least one minute prior to use (store in a clean, covered container) or you can use commercially bottled water. Home filtration devices (filters) do not kill bacteria. In your home, these devices could be portable, plumbed-in, or faucet mounted.

You can continue to use your tap water for:

  • Handwashing
    • Handwashing can be done with tap water.
  • Laundry
    • Laundering is considered safe.
  • Showering and Bathing
    • Adults may continue to use the supply, as long as the water is not swallowed.
    • Young children, immunocompromised, as well as individuals with skin lesions or open wounds should take sponge baths with boiled water.

Besides drinking what boiled water should be used for?

Food Preparation

This includes but is not limited to ready to eat foods such as fruits and vegetables, concentrated fruit drinks, and infant formula. However, when preparing food which requires boiling, you may do so as long as water is brought to a hard boil for at least one minute. Discard all food and beverages previously made with water, such as ice cubes, baby formula, and juices. Disinfect all containers with a household bleach solution described below and remake with boiled water.


Hand dishwashing can be done in the usual manner, however final rinse must be done with boiled or bottled water, or disinfected in a bleach solution of 1 tsp or 5 mL bleach to 1 gallon or 4.5 L of lukewarm water.

Mechanical dishwashers may be used as long as a chlorinated detergent is used (please read product label) in the cycle, or there is a sanitizing cycle (check owner’s manual).

Baby Formula

Special care should be taken when preparing baby formula, including mixing cereal and juices, as well as cleaning bottles. A safe alternative to mixing formula with boiled or bottled water is ready-to-use formulas.

Brushing Teeth

Use boiled or bottled water.

For more information visit Health Canada’s website