School Based Immunization Clinics

Students are encouraged to attend a School Based Immunization clinic offered at your child’s school, by the Health Unit to start or complete their vaccine series.

The vaccinations that public health provides for free will protect your school-aged child against the following diseases:

The Meningococcal disease vaccine is a required vaccine according to the Immunization of School Pupil’s Act (1990.

The Hepatitis B and HPV vaccines are highly recommended.

Did you know? The Hepatitis B and HPV vaccines protect against a variety of cancers and are effective in preventing future cancer risk. It is highly recommended that Grade 7 students receive the Hepatitis B and HPV vaccinations, as they are only free until the student graduates. 

For Parents and Guardians of Children Currently or soon to be in Grade 7.

Please take the time to review the School Immunization Fact Sheets above and complete the consent form, regarding your child’s participation in the school immunization program.

The consent form can be completed in French, by choosing the French option and clicking Next at the bottom of the first page.

For further information on individual vaccines, please visit: