Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention Clinics/Home Safety Assessment and Grab Bar Program

Before COVID-19 hit our region the Windsor Essex Community Health Centre (weCHC) provided monthly falls prevention clinics. At this time these in-person clinics have been cancelled, however some education/consultation can be provided over the phone and/or online.  

Home safety assessments provided by weCHC for the Grab Bar Program have now resumed. They will assist you in finding ways to improve the safety of your home, while also following COVID-19 safety requirements. When the therapist visits they may also make referrals to other community programs/services. To learn more visit the Community Calendar website or to Windsor Essex Community Health Centre’s Facebook page

VON SMART (Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together) Program

The VON SMART program is an evidence–supported exercise and fall prevention program that is designed for community members aged 55 years and older. The SMART program provides safe, functionally-focused exercise classes in a variety of settings; each class includes an educational component that provides information on fall prevention strategies. To learn more about the SMART Program please visit the vonsmart.ca website or call Khrista Boon at (519) 254-4866 ext. 6239.

The Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum is a five-week online course that helps health professionals who work with older adults obtain skills and information to apply evidence-based approaches to prevent falls and fall-related injuries. To get more information on this professional development opportunity contact the University of Victoria at continuingstudies.uvic.ca/CFPC.

LOOP is a platform for communication for professionals to share ideas for evidence-based fall prevention practices. To learn more please visit the LOOP website.

The Pan-Canadian Seniors’ Fall Prevention Network project is an online hub to find tools, resources and information related to fall prevention and recovery, supported by Public Health Agency of Canada. It is introduced in the Seniors’ falls collection on Parachute.

The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal provides professionals with direct access to trusted, evidence-based information about optimal aging and common health conditions that will support healthy aging and also links patients/clients to information.

The Canadian Institute of Aging was established by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research with the goal to improve the quality of life and health of older Canadians. This is by understanding and addressing or preventing the effects of a wide range of factors related with aging.

The Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging provides evidence-based active aging education. It supports healthcare professionals, fitness leaders, volunteers and family members. It is about creating an active healthy lifestyle for all Canadian adults.

The good news is there are a number of local resources and services in our community that can help seniors stay independent.

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