2017 Public Health Funding and Accountability Year-End Indicators

Each year, the WECHU reports to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services on several key performance indicators. These indicators ensure accountability and transparency to the public.

Achievements of the indicator targets are a central part of the WECHU’s core business. The following table provides a snapshot of the WECHU’s year-end status for indicators.

Indicator %
% of tobacco vendors in compliance with youth access legislation at the time of last inspection 97.26
% of tobacco retailers inspected once per year for compliance with display, handling, and promotion sections of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act (SFOA). 100
% of high-risk food premises inspected once every 4 months while in operation 99.3
% of Class A pools inspected while in operation 96
% of personal services settings inspected annually 97.4
% of confirmed gonorrhea cases treated according to recommended Ontario treatment guidelines 64.5
% of refrigerators storing publicly funded vaccines that have received a completed routine annual cold chain inspection 100
% of MMR vaccine wastage 4.7