Local COVID-19 Surveillance Data Dashboard

COVID-19 outbreak data will be updated on weekdays at 12 noon. All other COVID-19 reporting will be updated on Thursdays at 12 noon

COVID-19 Data Dashboard
See important data notes

Important data notes

COVID-19 case and outbreak reporting will be updated at 12 noon on Thursdays.

Between 11:00am to 12:00pm, visuals in the dashboard may present conflicting information. Certain visuals will update sooner than others due to data caching on the Microsoft Power BI server.

Data in the WECHU’s COVID-19 Dashboard are based on information extracted from the Ministry of Health’s Case and Contact Management (CCM) Tool. CCM is a dynamic reporting system that provides ongoing updates. The data presented is of a snapshot at the time of extraction and may differ from previous or subsequent reports.

Please note that as of December 31, 2021 only high risk individuals are eligible for testing: Due to the recent surge in Omicron cases and changes in eligibility for testing, testing capacity is limited and case, contact, and outbreak management has been modified to focus on high-risk settings. As a result, case counts in the dashboard are an underestimate of the true number of individuals with COVID-19 in Windsor-Essex and may impact data completeness. Please interpret these data accordingly.

What is a 'high risk case'?

High risk cases refer to those eligible for PCR testing in accordance with Ontario's current testing guidance. This includes hospitalized patients, patients in emergency departments at the discretion of the treating clinician, patient-facing health care workers, staff, residents, essential care providers, and visitors in hospitals and congregate living settings, outpatients for whom COVID-19 treatment is being considered, underhoused/homeless invididuals, people who are from First Nation, Inuit, and Metis communities and individuals travelling into these communities for work, and elementary and secondary school staff and students who have received a PCR self-collection kit through their school. Please refer to this document for a complete list.

*Active cases reflect cases that are open at the time of data extraction. Given that the dashboard is now updated weekly, new cases that were reported at the beginning of the 7-day period may be finished their isolation by the time of the extraction, and thus resolved. As a result, the number of active high risk cases may appear as less than the number of new high risk cases.