Infectious Diseases Reports

The purpose of this dashboard is to provide annual and monthly counts of reportable diseases in Windsor and Essex County (WEC), along with annual disease rate for WEC and Ontario. The information presented allows for the identification of key trends in reportable diseases and health issues of local public health significance.

Immunization for your Children

Infants and young children are more susceptible to vaccine preventable diseases because their immune systems are not mature enough to fight all infections. Children who do not get vaccinated are at greater risk if they come in contact with vaccine preventable diseases. It’s important for children to be up-to-date with their vaccinations. Schools are places where infectious diseases are commonly spread. As a parent, you can keep your kids of all ages healthy with routine health care and vaccinations. Vaccines are the safest and most efficient way to guard against some diseases. Postponing vaccines can be harmful because it delays protection.

Physical Activity

Being active helps contribute to a healthy mind, a healthy body and overall well-being. For older adults (65+) regular moderate to vigorous physical activity is also a key factor in the prevention of serious injuries from falls. Being active can lead to better balance, motor function, muscle strength, mobility and also reduces the risk of many potential chronic diseases that can develop as we get older (Morgan et al., 2016).

Small Drinking Water Systems

In accordance with O. Reg. 319/08, operators of Small Drinking Water Systems (SDWS) must notify the Health Unit of the proposed date to resume operation after being closed for more than 60 consecutive days and provide microbiological water test results.

While operators of seasonal SDWS will be familiar with re-opening procedures, operators of SDWS that are normally open year-round may not be familiar with re-opening requirements.


The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit’s Opioid and Substance Use Notification System.

Partners involved in the WECOSS, including the WECHU, Windsor Regional Hospital, Essex Windsor-EMS, Erie Shores Healthcare, and Police Services, continue to monitor this increase and are working to understand more about these reported cases.