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Maladie du charbon (anthrax)

La maladie du charbon, ou anthrax en anglais, est une maladie infectieuse causée par la bactérie Bacillus anthracis. Cette bactérie, qui se retrouve surtout chez les animaux, peut produire de minuscules spores invisibles (microorganismes) pouvant survivre longtemps dans le sol. La maladie du charbon est rare, mais elle peut infecter les humains s’ils ont des contacts avec des animaux infectés ou des produits d’animaux contaminés.

Clostridium difficile (C. difficile)

Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) is a type of bacteria found in the environment, and in the feces (poop) of humans. Some people can carry the bacteria in their intestines without it causing them any harm. This is known as “colonization”. The bacteria can cause infection in others, known as “C. difficile infection (CDI)”, by producing a toxin that harms your intestines and causes symptoms.

Infectious Disease Report - 2015

This report provides surveillance information regarding diseases that are reportable to the public health unit under the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA). The information contained provides the evidence necessary to identify key trends in the reportable diseases covered under this report and health issues of local public health significance. Such evidence helps in the tailoring of public health efforts and the improvement of the health of Windsor-Essex County residents.