Give your Mind a Holiday Break

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Ever notice feeling exhausted after the Holiday “Break?” It’s easy to get so caught up in the season’s activities and to-do’s that we forget to make time for us. This Holiday Season, we all deserve the gift of time and care for ourselves.

Making sure you take time to recharge during the holidays is important. How do you make it happen? It’s simple: take time to plan and schedule a self-care routine for yourself and your family members ahead of time, so it doesn’t get lost in that long list of to-do’s. And don’t worry, the things that need doing will be done. You might be surprised at how much easier, faster, and enjoyable it is to do other tasks, once you’ve taken a break!

How do I plan some “me time?”

  • Make a list of things you enjoy 
  • Stick to your scheduled time, no matter what
  • Know that it’s okay to say no to requests or invitations
  • If students are missing their school week routine, try things like a consistent bedtime routine, reading, or time with friends.

What are some ideas for self-care and recharging?

  • Go for a solo or family walk in your favourite neighbourhood or trail in the City of Windsor or the County of Essex.
  • Read a favourite book. Looking for a new love? Visit the local Goodwill Bookstore for gently used books for children, youth, and adults and support a good cause!
  • Watch a family holiday movie.
  • Meditate with free guided sessions by searching YouTube, or find a free phone app such as Calm
  • Exercise with items around the house like soup cans for weights, or follow along a free fitness video by searching YouTube. 
  • Try yoga for strengthening, stretching, and beneficial breathing techniques. Yoga with Adrienne has free yoga tutorials for all levels and moods.
  • Plan an in-person or phone date with friends or family. 
  • Do nothing! Relax on the couch or bed (with no phones or screens!), or take a nap!

Where can I go for help during the holidays?

Being away from school and usual support systems can be tough, but help is always available:

Resources for Educators and Families

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