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The Windsor Essex County Health Unit will be providing 3 vaccinations to Grade 7 students in your child’s school. These vaccines are publicly funded and free at school.

  • The vaccinations will protect your child against Hepatitis B infections, Meningococcal disease and Human Papilloma Virus.
  • The meningitis vaccine is a required vaccination according to the Immunization of School’s Pupil’s Act.
  • The Hepatitis B and HPV vaccines are highly recommended.

We will be offering these vaccines through the school based clinics in the fall, during the months of October/November/December and in the spring in April/May/June.

Your child will receive 2 shots in Oct/Nov (Hep B #1 and HPV #1) and 3 shots in the spring (Hep B #2, HPV #2 and Meningitis).

Please take the time to review the Fact Sheets sent home from school and listed below.

The Hepatitis B, Meningitis and HPV consent are given to your child in September at school.

Please complete these consents with a “yes” or “no” response.

All consents must be signed and returned to school by October 1, 2018.

Please note: This consent form is intended to be printed, filled out and returned to your child's school. Please keep the fact sheet for your information.  If you require assistance with these forms, please call the Healthy Schools Help Desk at 519-258-2146, ext. 1555.

For further information on individual vaccines go to Immunize Canada website