2020 Ministry of Health Related Program Budgets (100%)

The following represents the 2020 budgets for related health protection and promotion program initiatives funded by a grant from the Ministry of Health at a rate of 100% of admissible expenditures. These include:

  • Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program;
  • AMOH/MOH Compensation Initiative.

Note:  The AMOH/MOH Compensation Initiative is subject to an annual application process with the Ministry of Health. The 2019 approved allocation was $38,000 with cash flows adjusted accordingly to reflect the WECHU’s current circumstances. As such, a budget for this initiative is not presented.

In April of 2019, the Province of Ontario announced a new Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP). This program provides comprehensive dental care to eligible low-income seniors to help reduce unnecessary trips to the hospital, prevent chronic disease and increase quality of life for seniors. Implementation of this program is anticipated to commence November 1, 2019.

The 2020 OSDCP budget supports 8.5 FTEs comprised of a manager (0.5), a coordinator (1.0), a dentist (1), dental assistants (2), dental hygienists (2), a health promotion specialist (0.5) and support staff (1.5). Details of the 2020 budget are as follows:

Salaries and benefits 816,947
Operating expenditures:  
Travel and meetings 8,000
Mileage 15,000
Professional development 3,000
Association and membership fees 1,500
Office supplies 4,500
Other 414,339
Program supplies 200,000
Purchased services 200,000
Security 11,414
Total operating expenditures 857,753
Total 2020 budgeted expenditures 1,674,700

As the WECHU currently does not have experience, in terms of program up-take and volumes, an Other financial caption was included in the budget, representing the remainder of the budget dollars up to the WECHU’s 2019 approval level. Actual experience could show that additional FTEs and or supplies will be required to service this program in 2020. Further financial information will be made available to the Board in the WECHU’s 2020 quarterly budget to actual variance analysis.