Message from the Medical Officers of Health

Photo of Dr. Nesathurai, Acting Medical Officer of Health, 2022

Dr. Shanker Nesathurai, 
Acting Medical Officer of Health 2022

Photo of Dr. Aloosh, Medical Officer of Health, 2023

Dr. Mehdi Aloosh, 
Medical Officer of Health 2023

The past two years have provided the team at WECHU with the opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow in our practice as public health professionals.

In 2022, the COVID-19 pandemic tragically claimed the lives of 240 individuals, and as we acknowledge and honor the lives lost, we also recognize the countless lives saved through the implementation of evidence-informed health measures. This unprecedented pandemic has highlighted the importance of working collaboratively as a community to recognize the importance of preparedness and a proactive approach as we address these types of events in the future.

As we move forward in this transitional period and "new normal" of living with COVID-19, we must strike a balance between managing risks and resuming essential activities. Over this past year, WECHU staff have returned to their pre-pandemic public health work. Additionally, the COVID-19 response is now incorporated within our Infectious Disease Prevention program. In doing so, our team was able to re-establish services and relationships within the community, which are essential to our effective public health work.

The Health Unit is enthusiastic about collaborating with partner organizations to advance the health of the Windsor-Essex community. The public health unit priorities for the coming year include addressing the rising rates of sexually transmitted diseases, responding to the ongoing opioid crisis, and addressing the issues surrounding mental health in our community. This requires a multi-faceted approach that involves setting clear priorities, as well as assigning the necessary resources. Innovation in program delivery is essential. By working together, we can make significant progress in these areas and improve the overall health and resilience of our community.

We want to express our profound gratitude to the dedicated frontline staff and management team for their unwavering commitment to serving the Windsor-Essex community. Additionally, we acknowledge the dedicated leadership of the Board of Health, whose guidance has been invaluable throughout these challenging times.

Together, we can address the pressing health challenges and create a brighter future.