Ministry of Health reminder regarding influenza vaccine administration

Alert Date
Windsor and Essex County

The Ministry of Health would like to provide the following reminders regarding the administration of influenza vaccine:

Needle Gauge and Length for Intramuscular Injections
For intramuscular injections (IM), using the appropriate needle is important to ensure the immunizing agent reaches the appropriate tissue site to optimize the immune response.

Vaccine recipient

Recommended needle gauge

Recommended needle length

Infants, toddlers and older children


⅞ inch – 1 inch

Adolescents and adults


1 inch - 1½ inch

See Table 1: Vaccine Administration in the Publicly Funded Immunization Schedules for Ontario, available at

Influenza Vaccine Dose
The recommended influenza vaccine dosage for individuals 6 months of age and older is 0.5mL.

  • Fractional doses should not be given. Individuals with influenza vaccine allergies should be referred to a specialist for appropriate immunization.
  • Double dosing should not be practiced. Individuals should not receive more than one dose (0.5mL) of influenza vaccine at one time. For example, individuals should not be given two doses (2 x 0.5mL) of Fluzone® Quadrivalent during the same immunization visit.
  • Individuals 9 years of age and older should not be given two doses of influenza vaccine within the same influenza season. For example, individuals 65 years of age and older, should not receive Fluzone® Quadrivalent and then later be given Fluzone® High-Dose, within the same influenza season.

Safety Engineered Needles
The Needle Safety Regulation, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, which requires the use of safety engineered needles, applies to all workplaces where health related services are provided. The use of safety engineered needles reduce the risk of a skin puncture or injury to the worker.

Additional information regarding the Universal Influenza Immunization Program can be found at

Should you have additional questions regarding immunization related practices, please contact the practice advisors at your regulatory college or your local public health unit. A list of public health units can be found at