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News Release: The Health Unit Will Distribute 1000 Free Radon Test Kits To Area Residents Who Qualify

Wednesday, November 1
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The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit launched the 3rd and final year of the ‘Radon: Know Your Level Study’ today. Homeowners in Windsor and Essex County are encouraged to apply for a free radon test kit to measure the radon level in their homes. The Health Unit will distribute 1000 radon test kits to area homeowners who qualify.


Radon is produced when uranium found in soil, rock or water decays. Radon is found across Canada because it occurs naturally in soil. The gas naturally rises up from the soil and can get into any type of building where it builds up due to negative pressure and lack of air flow. Breathing in radon gas for extended periods of time can potentially be hazardous to you and your family.