Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking or Vaping

Are you looking to quit using nicotine products such as cigarettes, e-cigarettes (e.g., vape pens, vapes, mods, hookah pens or e-hookahs), cigars, cigarillos, pipe tobacco, smokeless/chewing tobacco (snus or snuff) and or tobacco water pipe? Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your health and for most it can be a challenge. Remember, quitting is possible and there are supports across the community to help.

Health Care Providers

The majority of people who use tobacco want to quit. As a health care provider you can make a difference and help your clients quit smoking in just a few minutes. As a member of the Windsor-Essex Cessation Community of Practice you will have access to resources, tools, and support to help you in developing cessation services for your clients.