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Mumps Investigation and Reporting Form

All clinically diagnosed, suspected and confirmed cases of mumps are reportable to the Health Unit immediately by telephone.  Timely reporting of communicable diseases is essential for their control. Exclusions from school and or work are assessed and directed by the Health Unit. If you have a mumps to report or questions during working hours, please call 519-258-2146 ext. 1420 or after hours at 519-973-4510. Laboratories are required to fax lab confirmed case information immediately to 226-783-2132. Please fax the Mumps Reporting Form to 226-783-2132.

Measles Resources for Health Care Providers

Suspected or Confirmed Cases of Measles

Isolate suspected or confirmed cases of measles immediately into a single room with closed door. Refer to WECHU’s Clinical Office Checklist for Measles to prepare the clinical office for a patient with suspected measles.

HCPs are required to report suspected cases to the WECHU immediately and complete the Measles Investigation and Reporting form  the SAME day as the initial patient visit. 

If a patient’s immunization records are unavailable, immunization with measles-containing vaccine is preferable to ordering serological testing to determine immune status.

For support or consultation, please call 519-258-2146 ext. 1420. 

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Additional resources for HCPs:

To learn more about Measles, visit

Downloadable Forms

Tuberculosis Reporting Form

The Health Protection and Promotion Act 1990 (HPPA) outlines the requirements for physicians, practitioners, and institutions to report Tuberculosis (TB), including all positive TB skin tests, to the Medical Officer of Health. Please complete this form and fax to the TB Program of the Windsor‐Essex County Health Unit.