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Canadian Sleep Society

The Canadian Sleep Society has a goal of improving sleep for all Canadians through research support, promotion of clinical care, education for the public and professionals and advocacy for sleep and sleep disorders medicine. For more information or to access the resources they provide you may visit The Canadian Sleep Society website.

Caring for Kids

The caringforkids website provides information to parents from Canadian pediatricians. Visit the CaringforKids website for additional information on sleep for babies, children and teens.

Primary Health Care Providers

For additional information, you may talk to your primary health care provider. If you do not have a primary health care provider, please visit the Essex County Medical Society for a list health care providers who are accepting patients at this time.

National Sleep Foundation was created by the National Sleep Foundation to provide information about the importance of sleep, sleep disorders and tips for sleeping well. The information is geared for children ages 7-10, their parents and teachers. They are the only website that is entirely dedicated to children’s sleep, that is only for kids. This site has links to quizzes, games and books that helps children learn about sleep and sleep habits. 

For Professionals

The Canadian Sleep & Circadian Network generates and translates knowledge to better understand sleep disruption and its impact to promote healthier sleep for Canadians.

  • Discontinue Electronics: Electronic devices should not be used before you sleep because they stimulate your senses and makes sleep difficult due to exposure to light and sound. Exposure to electronic media at bedtime can lead to shorter sleep duration and sleep difficulties on weekdays, so it’s best to power down the electronics before you head to bed.
  • Setting the Environment: In the morning, encourage your child to be active and expose them to sunlight. Then at night, create a calm, quiet, distraction free atmosphere and keep it dark to help create a good sleep environment.
  • Familiar Habits: Children should fall asleep in the same location and should fall asleep and wake up each day at similar times throughout the week, even on weekends.
  • Things to avoid: Heavy meals, spicy foods, and caffeine should be avoided for children near their bedtime because they can stimulate them and not allow them to be calm before sleep. Intense exercise should be avoided before bed. Naps for children over the age of 5 should be avoided because they are now at an age where one length of sleep at night is appropriate and healthy to have on a regular basis.

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