Infectious Diseases

Annual Infectious Disease Reports

Annual Reports provide a summary of reportable diseases in Windosr-Essex County.  The information contained provides the evidence necessary to identify key trends in reportable diseases and health issues of local public health significance.

Monthly Infectious Disease Reports

Monthly Reports summarize the most recent reportable disease data and provides a snapshot of current reportable disease activity in the community.

Weekly Influenza Reports

Weekly Influenza Reports summarize seasonal influenza activity.  The reports describe the number of cases, respiratory infection outbreaks in institutions, and emergency department visits due to respiratory syndrome and influenza-like illness.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

The best ways to prevent any STI...   
Use condoms, know your partner’s sexual history, get tested before having sex, or abstain from sex altogether.

What is a “window period”?   
WINDOW PERIOD means that you may be infected with something, but the test may be negative because you were tested too early.


(Most reported STIs in Windsor-Essex County)


Botulism is a rare infection caused by the bacteria, Clostridium botulinum. These germs make a toxin (poison) that affects your nervous system and can cause paralysis. This germ is found worldwide in soil and dust and also can be found in the intestines of animals.