Organizer Application Form for Special Events Offering Personal Services

This application form must be completed and submitted to the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit at least 30 days prior to the event. Please ensure you have a site plan and a list of vendors ready to upload before starting to fill out this form.

Step 1: Complete this application form

Step 2: Review the Checklist for Organizers of Special Events that offer Personal Services for more details on the requirements

In addition to completing Steps 1 and 2, all vendors must comply with:

Event Information
Organizer Contact Information


Vendor Set-Up Area
Please select all services offered at this event
All items that require sterilization such as needles, needle bars, jewellery, and forceps will be brought to the venue pre-packaged and sterile?
*Please note that items brought in by the owner/operator from their business location must have the date of sterilization on the package. Vendors should bring sterilization logs with them or use single use items only. *There is no sterilization of equipment permitted on-site at the venue.
Sharps, such as needles, razors will be used on-site?
Please list method of sharps container disposal
Items will need to be cleaned and disinfected on site?
70% - 90% alcohol based hand rub will be available at each booth?
Hand washing stations will be connected to municipal water supply?
If NO, will portable hand washing sinks be available?
Site Plan
Upload requirements

Site plans must include the location of all facilities and activities, including the location of:

  • Personal services vendors
  • Vendor hand wash stations
  • Vendor cleaning and disinfection sinks (if items require disinfection)
  • Portable sinks (needs approval from a Public Health Inspector / Supervisor)
  • Storage supplies (if applicable)
  • Washrooms
  • Food services vendors

Vendor List

Please upload a list if vendors currently registered to attend the event.

Upload requirements
Upload requirements

Please note that non-compliance with the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit requirements may result in service interruption or closure.

Applicant: I have read the Infection Prevention and Control Checklist for Organizers of Special Events that Offer Personal Services. I understand the requirements for personal services vendors at temporary events and have provided the information to all personal services workers that will be working at the event. I agree that all the information I have provided is accurate.