News Release: Boil Water Advisory Issued for All Consumers of the Wheatley Water Distribution System

For Immediate Release 
Monday, May 13, 2024 | 2:30 PM |Essex County

Dr. Mehdi Aloosh, Medical Officer of Health, Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has issued a Boil Water Advisory for waterline system consumers serviced by the Wheatley Water Distribution System, specifically:

  • 3rd Concession Waterline Association
  • 3rd & 4th Concession Waterline Association
  • KOA Waterline Association
  • Cedar Inn Waterline Association
  • Richardson Sideroad Waterline Association
  • Tecumseh Road Waterline Association
  • Tilbury Townline Waterline Association
  • Leamington (Wheatley) Distribution System

The Health Unit is advising that water brought to a hard boil for one (1) minute should be used for consumption, infant feeding, or food and ice preparation. Alternatively, bottled water sources can be used for consumption. For further information on boil water advisories, please visit the Boil Water Advisory webpage

The reason for the boil water advisory is due to a loss in water pressure throughout the distribution system. 

Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is working closely with the Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission. The boil water advisory measure will remain in place until system repairs are complete and satisfactory water sampling results are received. 

Updates will be provided by the Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission at 519-436-3250. Consumers can also visit Tilbury & Wheatley Water Status Updates | Let's Talk Chatham-Kent ( for mapping of the affected area.