COVID-19 Vaccines

The WECHU is committed to providing credible information on vaccines and vaccination locations.

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is not required in most places now. However, an employer or an educational institution may ask for proof of COVID-19 vaccination, based on its corporate policies. Proof of vaccination may be needed if you’re travelling too.

Out of province or out of country vaccinations

Select individuals who received COVID-19 vaccines when they were outside of Ontario or Canada are encouraged to record these doses in the national COVID-19 immunization database, COVaxON. It is important to record these doses so that future doses of COVID-19 vaccine can be given safely and at the right time. There are two situations when doses must be recorded in the person’s record:

  1. Children under 5 years of age who have received one or more doses of a COVID-19 vaccine not approved by Health Canada must have their doses recorded to make sure they have received the right number of doses to stay protected against COVID-19. 

  2. Individuals 5 years of age and older who have received one or more doses of a COVID-19 vaccine not approved by Health Canada within the last 6 months must have their doses recorded to ensure any future doses, if needed, can be given at the right time. 

Individuals will need proof of their COVID-19 vaccinations before contacting the WECHU to have their records entered into COVaxON. Once they have this information, these individuals can contact the health unit at 519-258-2146.

Where to find proof of vaccination

In Ontario:

Visit the Government of Ontario’s website to download your enhanced vaccine certificate. You can also check this site if you’re a resident of Ontario, who doesn’t have a health card or who needs to update their health card information.

Outside of Ontario:

If you received a COVID-19 vaccine outside of Ontario or Canada, you should register your vaccination(s) at the health unit’s Out of Province Registration page. You will need to provide proof, such as an immunization record.

If you have already applied to have your out of province vaccination(s) registered with the health unit and are waiting to have it registered, download your enhanced vaccine certificate. If you cannot access your certificate, please note that your documents may take some time to be processed. In the meantime, continue to use your out of province documentation if proof is required.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Have a vaccine-related question?

Check out the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Questions and Answers about COVID-19 Vaccines fact sheet, available in 19 languages.

Looking for one-to-one consultation, judgement-free conversation, or facts to help you make an informed decision?

  • Call the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre to speak to an experienced agent or health specialist in more than 300 languages at 1-833-943-3900 (TTY: 1-866-797-0007).
  • Call the SickKids COVID-19 Vaccine Consult Service to book a phone appointment with a paediatric Registered Nurse. Over the phone interpretation is available for free in many languages. Appointments can be made online or by calling 437-881-3505.
  • If you still have questions about COVID-19 and/or COVID-19 vaccines, contact your health care provider or visit the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 website.
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