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Board Members Present:

Joe Bachetti, Dr. Ken Blanchette, Mark Carrick, Dr. Deborah Kane, Judy Lund, Bill Marra, Gary McNamara, Dr. Carlin Miller, Hilary Payne, Gord Queen, John Scott, Michelle Watters​

Board Member Regrets:

Paul Borrelli, Richard Meloche, Ed Sleiman

Administration Present:

Theresa Marentette, Dr. Wajid Ahmed, Nicole Dupuis, Lorie Gregg, Kristy McBeth, Dan Sibley, Lee Anne Damphouse

WECHU Presenters: 

Eric Nadalin, Manager, CDIP

  1. Call to Order

    The meeting was called to order at 4:02 p.m.

  2. Agenda Approval

    It was moved

    That the agenda be approved


  3. Announcement of Conflicts of Interest – None.
  4. Approval of Minutes
    1. Regular Board Meeting: September 20, 2018.

      It was moved

      That the minutes be approved.


  5. Consent Agenda
    1. Information Reports

      The following information reports were presented to the Board.

      1. Budget – Recommendation Report (L. Gregg)

        L. Gregg presented the 2019 Budget to the Board for approval and the following information was provided. 

        T. Marentette commented on various community needs (identified in the 2016 Community Needs Assessment) namely substance misuse, oral health, TB increases, immunization rates in our area, Hep C (injection drug use in 50% of cases), changes in OPHS (notably Environmental Health), Cannabis pressures, Vision Screening requirements (with no funding attached), the Vector-Borne program (over 1,200 aedes albopictus mosquitos identified in our region with the potential to carry the Zika Virus) and climate change and extreme weather.


        For 2018, WECHU put through our base funding request to the Ministry noting increased operational pressures.  We received a 3% increase.  With the recent change in government health units have been advised to expect a 0% increase.   Knowing this is not sustainable, we are proposing a 3.23% increase from the Ministry ($443,165) and 5% from the municipalities ($273,978).

        Vector-Borne Diseases

        Our funding over previous years for West Nile Virus was typically $128k, with the WECHU contracting out larviciding, trapping and enhanced surveillance.  This year trapping and surveillance for West Nile Virus, along with the enhanced program for aedes, was conducted by health unit staff with the assistance of public health inspection students.  Out of 11 traps aedes albopictus was found in 7 them. 

        This year we have 12 confirmed cases of West Nile Virus, 7 cases of Lyme Disease, and are the only region with confirmed aedes albopictus. With increased funding, we can do more education, awareness and campaigns to the public, and precisely track data to make decisions on larviciding and next steps.  We require more dedicated resources for this program, and the ask this year to increase program expenses to $350k is significant.

        Base and One time funding

        We can submit up to 10 one-time funding business case requests to the Ministry.  Through prioritization, we identified an overall need for 7 additional staff including Public Health Inspectors, Health Promotion Specialists, RPN’s, Tobacco Enforcement Officer, with associated operational costs of $48k for computers and equipment.  

        Healthy Babies Healthy Children and Nurse Practitioner Program

        Program initiative expenditures of $2,755,841 supports 27 individuals for their work within the community.  For 2019, we anticipate $146k for the Nurse Practitioner program expenditures, with 100% funding of $139k allocated for this position.  We will continue to advocate for increased funding to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to cover the entirety of this position.


        With the substantial changes to the Standards, in particular to Environmental Health, the addition of Vision Screening, and operational pressures on our Tobacco Enforcement Officers with the legalization of cannabis, we will need to have further discussions with the Board of Health and municipalities if we receive a 0% increase in funding as noted by the Ministry.  There are also 2 ongoing labour negotiations that have not yet been settled.

        It was moved

        That the Board move into Committee of the Whole at 4:39 p.m.


        It was moved

        That the Board move out of Committee of the Whole at 4:50 p.m.


        After brief discussion Board Chair, G. McNamara, read the Resolution Recommendation to the Board of Health. 

        It was moved

        That the Board of Health approve the Resolution Recommendation

        IN FAVOUR - 11

        OPPOSED - 1


      2. Cannabis – Recommendation Report

        In light of legislation, and since we have not received enough information on what the impact could be, N. Dupuis noted that WECHU’s recommendations is to encourage municipalities to choose the “Opt-out” opportunity.  WECHU has not yet been advised of what dedicated support will be received.

        B. Marra advised that there have been preliminary conversations at Windsor city council to strongly opt-out and err on the side of caution until more information becomes available.  Chair G. McNamara noted that the Town of Tecumseh is arranging a public meeting for their residents with the information that they have so far.

        It was moved

        That the Recommendation be received


      3. Vote for Health Survey Results
      4. Community Partners List 2018
      5. September Media Relations Recap

        It was moved

        That the information reports be received.


  6. Business Arising
    1. Capital Project Update

      T. Marentette provided a brief update on the capital project.  Once Colliers Project Leaders completes the RFI, WECHU will go out with a request for suitable space to meet its needs through a developer or a landlord.

  7. Board Correspondence – Circulated
  8. New Business
    1. Staff Appreciation

      D. Sibley advised the Board that the WECHU will be holding their annual Staff Appreciation Day on Friday, November 30 at the Ciociaro Club from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm.  Breakfast will be provided at 9:00 am. The event will recognize staff accomplishments and service awards will be presented. Our guest speaker is Board of Health member John Scott and all Board members are invited and welcome to attend.

  9. Board Correspondence/Other Health Unit Letters/Resolutions
    1. Smoke-Free Ontario Act – For Support
      1. alPHa – Letter to Laura Pisko
      2. Peterborough Public Health – Letter to Hon. Christine Elliott
    2. Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot – For Support/Information
      1. Windsor-Essex County Health Unit – For Information
      2. Southwestern Public Health – For Support – Letter to Hon. Lisa McLeod
    3. Why Ontario Needs a Chronic Disease Prevention Strategy – For Support
      1. Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Public Health – Letter to Hon. Christine Elliott
    4. Drug Policy – For Support
      1. Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Public Health – Letter to Right Hon. Justin Trudeau
    5. Repeal of Section 43 of the Criminal Code of Canada – for Support
      1. Southwest Public Health – Letter to Jody Wilson—Raybould
    6. Dedicated Funding for Local Public Health Agencies – Cannabis Sales – For Support
      1. Middlesex-London Health Unit – Letter to Premier Doug Ford
    7. Displays and Promotion of Vaping Products in Convenience Stores and Gas Bars – For Support
      1. Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco (OCAT) – Media Release

        It was moved

        That the above correspondence be Supported and Received

  10. Committee of the Whole (CLOSED SESSION, in accordance with Section 239 of the Municipal Act)

    It was moved

    That the Board move into Committee of the Whole at 4:39 p.m.


    It was moved

    That the Board move out of Committee of the Whole at 4:50 p.m.


  11. Next Meeting: At the Call of the Chair, or November 15, 2018 in Windsor, Ontario
  12. Adjournment

    The meeting adjourned at 5:21 pm.