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Information Report
Risk Management

Prepared By:

Dave Jansen, Performance Improvement and Accountability Coordinator, Planning and Strategic Initiatives Department


November 5, 2018


Risk Management


In spring 2018, the Planning and Strategic Initiatives Department was tasked to maintain the corporate risk registry. The new risk registry was approved by the Leadership Team, and an Information Report was submitted to the Board of Health in March 2018 to detail the updates.

Current Initiatives

As part of the Q3 Financial Report to the Ministry, health units have been asked to submit a list of corporate risks and mitigation strategies. The Ministry developed a template to harmonize efforts in tracking risk across the province, using consistent language in documenting corporate risk.

This process builds upon the risk management system the WECHU already has in place. The WECHU risk registry identified 36 risks across 14 categories, with 18 risks scoring “high” before consideration of mitigation strategies. The Ministry requires reporting of up to 10 highly ranked risks. The WECHU’s submission includes the highest ranking risks.

As part of the 2019 operational planning process, work plans were created across the organization for risk mitigation in identified areas. Development of key risk indicators and the commencement of departmental risk categorization will occur next year.


The following individuals contributed to this report:

  • Marc Frey, Planning and Strategic Initiatives
  • Kristy McBeth, Knowledge Management

Approved by:

 Theresa Marentette