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Consumption and Treatment Services Site – Update


May 2021


Consumption and Treatment Services Site – Update 


In September of 2019, the WECHU Board of Health passed a resolution supporting the submission of a Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS) application for a site in the City of Windsor. Submission for a proposed site would be made to the Ministry of Health, including the submission of an Exemption for Medical Purposes under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act for Activities at a Supervised Consumption Site Application required by Health and Canada. 

In Ontario, Consumption and Treatment Services sites provide wrap-around services that connect clients who use drugs to primary care, treatment, and other health and social services, including:

  • Supervised consumption and overdose prevention services,
  • Onsite or defined pathways to addictions treatment services,
  • Onsite or defined pathways to wrap-around services, and
  • Harm reduction services.

To complete the application process, the WECHU must identify a location and complete a comprehensive community consultation. In order to facilitate this process, a CTS Stakeholder Advisory Committee was established and site criteria estblished, complimenting the mandotory requriements under the federal and provinical processes:

  • Site must be 200m from a sensitive land use (e.g. parks, daycare centers, and schools) as well as 600m from other CTS sites OR If  located within 200m of a sensitive land use, application must include plans on how to address community concerns
  • Site must be easily accessible by public transit
  • Site must be within walking distance to areas known to be frequented by people who use drugs
  • Space should be greater than 590ft2 (for six consumption booths) or 385ft2 (for three booths)

In the fall of 2020, using these criteria, and in consultation with the WECHU legal representation and procurement procedures, the WECHU issued a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) through the MERX Online Public Tenders solicitation database for interested landlords and property owners. No submissions were received. The WECHU issued a second Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) through the MERX Online Public Tenders solicitation database for interested Real Estate agencies to represent the WECHU in the idenfication of a location for a potential CTS. No submissions were received for the second tender.


In February 2021, the WECHU Substance Use coordinator, utilizing the set criteria for site identification, worked through local real estate listings to identify potential locations for a CTS. Locations for rent or lease meeting the criteria were listed and scored using a matrix relative to the criteria.

Several locations have been identified for onsite review. Environmental audits will be completed by Windsor Police Services in order to determine the safety of the area and guide any mitigating interventions which can improve the safety of the areas surrounding the site and discourage criminal activity. Once sites have all been reviewed and audits complete, next steps to the process include formal recommendation to the board of health and community consultation.