March 2023 Board of Health Meeting - 2023 Board of Health Competency Self-Evaluation Information Report

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Information Report
2023 Board of Health Competency Self-Evaluation


Planning and Strategic Initiatives Department


March 2023


2023 Board of Health Competency Self-Evaluation


The Ontario Public Health Standards (2021), under the Good Governance and Management Practices Domain, states: “the board of health shall have a self-evaluation process of its governance practices and outcomes that is completed at least every other year. Completion includes an analysis of the results, board of health discussion, and implementation of feasible recommendations for improvement, if any”. 

In order to meet this requirement, the WECHU developed a competency-based self-evaluation survey for Board of Health (BOH) members. The survey includes twelve competency areas used to identify the strengths of the BOH, as well as opportunities to provide additional training and support for the BOH.


The survey was sent to current BOH members in January 2023. Analysis of the results from the 2023 BOH survey demonstrated that the top strengths of the BOH were Leadership and Governance, Political Acumen, and Communication and Marketing. Identified areas of opportunity were Knowledge of Public Health Programs and Services, Health Equity, and Legal Requirements. Future training opportunities will be provided to the BOH to support their efforts; as well, quarterly feedback opportunities will be provided to support effective BOH operations and decision-making.