April 2023 Board of Health Meeting - 2023 Strategic Plan Q1 Report Information Report

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Information Report
2023 Strategic Plan Q1 Report


Planning and Strategic Initiatives Department


April 20 2023


2023 Strategic Plan Q1 Report


The WECHU’s 2022-2025 Refreshed Strategic Plan provides strategic direction to the organization for ongoing COVID-19 response, support recovery from unintended population health consequences of the pandemic and help understand how best to engage and support our community as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside. It also has a specific focus on priority populations.

The Good Governance and Management Practices Domain of the Ontario Public Health Standards (2021) requires the Board of Health to provide governance direction to the administration and remain informed about the activities for organizational effectiveness through “evaluation of the organization and strategic planning.”


The Planning and Strategic Initiatives Department (PSI) is currently developing the 2023 Q1 Strategic Plan Report in consultation with the Leadership Team. This report will contain a list of current objectives for each priority and provide specific metrics to measure the progress for each of the 12 objectives in the Strategic Plan.

Each quarter, PSI will coordinate with the data custodians for each program and applicable departments to update the progress of the goals and objectives using a colour-coded system.

The first report will be delivered at the end of Q2.