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Sleep is as important as diet and exercise. Not getting enough sleep can make you more irritable and upset, which can affect your relationship with those around you. It can also make it harder to fight off infection, and even raise blood pressure levels. Select one of the topics above for information and tips to help you get enough sleep.

Start a Vegetable Garden

Another fun activity to do at home is to start a vegetable garden. Gardens can be of any size, and do not always have to be in the ground. Plants can be grown indoors by a window, or outside in containers or in raised beds. So, even if you are tight on space, a garden is always possible!

Prepare Meals

Spending time with your family to plan, shop, prepare, and cook food helps children to develop healthy eating habits, increases their self-confidence, and teaches them key life skills

Food Safety

There is no current evidence that food is a likely source or route of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. However, it is recommended that good hygiene practices are followed during food handling and preparation to prevent the spread of germs.