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News Release: Vote for Health: Municipal Candidates Asked to Share Their Views on Local Health Issues

Wednesday, September 5
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The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has distributed a voluntary survey to all local council and mayoral candidates running in the upcoming 2018 municipal election. The survey provides an opportunity for candidates to share their views on local health issues, including equity, food insecurity, dental health, mental illness, substance misuse, built environment, and climate change.

Vote for Health

Municipal governments and elected councilors shape the health of communities through the design and delivery of policies, programs and services. Working with partners and decision makers to achieve these outcomes is a key priority of the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

2014 Social Determinants of Health in Windsor-Essex County Report

This report investigates how social determinants of health variables such as income, education level and minority status are related to various health outcomes and health behaviours in the Windsor and Essex County area. The Determinants of Health refer to the multiple factors that influence a person’s health. These include social and economic factors, the physical environment, and individual behaviours and conditions.