Handwashing for Food Handlers

It’s important to wash your hands before and after handling foods to remove germs. 

When should I wash my hands? 

You should wash your hands after doing any of the following activities: 

  • handling raw meat
  • using the toilet
  • cleaning
  • sneezing and coughing 
  • touching your face
  • smoking
  • handling payments 
  • washing dishes
  • handling garbage

Good personal hygiene is the best way to prevent foodborne illness.

To wash your hands thoroughly, follow the steps below, or download a PDF version of this poster.

Step 1: Wet Hands

  • Remove jewellery and watches.
  • Wet hands with warm water.
A person wetting their hands under the tap.

Step 2: Soap

  • Be sure to use enough liquid or foam soap.
A person getting soap from a soap dispenser.

Step 3: Lather well

  • Lather for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Clean your wrists, palms, back of hands, fingertips, under fingernails, and between fingers.
A person lathering their hands and wrists with soap.

Step 4: Rinse

  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Be sure not to touch the side of the sink.
A person rinsing their hands under the tap.

Step 5: Dry

  • Dry hands completely with paper towel or with an air dryer.
A person grabbing paper towel sheets from a paper towel dispenser.

Step 6: Keep Clean

  • Use a paper towel to turn off the water to protect hands from getting dirty again.
A person using a paper towel to turn off the tap water.