Handwashing is one of the best infection prevention methods. If you’re looking for resources to help support your teaching around handwashing, please see the resources below:

Handwashing Kit 

Each year, our Handwashing Toolkit is in high demand. Our new, downloadable version helps you teach your students that washing your hands properly can help stop the spread of germs

English Version French Version

Handwashing Videos

Use these videos in your class to complement your lesson on handwashing:

Video & Details Suggested Grade Range*
Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark Kindergarten – grade 3
Handwashing Heroes Grades 1 – 3
Stop Germs from Spreading Grades 1 – 5

What you need to Know about Handwashing
What you need to know about handwashing (French)

Grades 4 - 12

*Grade ranges are suggestions only. Please review the video and decide if it’s appropriate for your specific class

Handwashing Poster

Wash your hands kids

Detail the steps to properly wash your hands; can be posted around sinks in the school. There is a poster for kindergarten to grade 2, and a poster for grade 2 and up. Available to download or order in English, French, and Arabic from: https://wechu.org/cv/school-resources-signage