September 2022 Board of Health Meeting - Public Attendance and Delegations at Board of Health Meetings Policy Correspondence

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Public Attendance and Delegations at Board of Health Meetings Policy


Public Attendance and Delegations at Board of Health Meetings




Board of Health




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The Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) requires Boards of Health to pass by-laws respecting the management of its property; banking and finance, the calling of and proceedings at meetings, the appointment of an auditor and any other matter necessary or advisable for the management of the affairs of the board of health.

The WECHU Board by-laws included a provision for public attendance and delegation at regular meetings of the board of health.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this policy is to outline the procedure and guidelines associated with public attendance and delegations at regular meetings of the WECHU Board of Health.


Members of the public are permitted to attend open portion meetings of the Board of Health. In order to be hears at a meeting (verbally or in writing) members of the public must register as a delegation or have the consent of the meeting.


How to make a request for delegation:

  • Registration requests must be submitted by noon, at least three days preceding the day of the Board Meeting at which the delegation wishes to be heard (verbally or in writing). In the event of short notice meetings the three day time limit may be reduced accordingly.
  • To register the request shall be submitted via the delegation registration section of the Health Unit’s website.
  • Request may also be submitted in person by delivering the request in writing to the WECHU office located at 1005 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, Ontario.
  • Once a request for delegation is received, the WECHU board secretary will send an acknowledgement of the request.
  • Registration requests shall include the following information:
    • Name of Delegation
    • Contact information for the Delegation
    • Names of Delegation spokespersons, if any
    • Business item in connection with which Delegation wishes to be heard and whether Delegation intents to make a verbal presentation and whether the Delegation intends to use any audio visual equipment
    • Written materials, if any, shall: be limited to five 8.5”X11” pages; signed by the author, not contain any improper matter in the opinion of the Secretary and meet such other requirements from time to time set by the Board.

Timing for Verbal Presentations

  • Verbal presentations of Delegations shall be limited to five minutes, subject to that time being extended by the Chair for a further five minutes


  • Board Members may not ask any questions until all Delegations on the agenda item have been heard. Thereafter, Board Members may question Delegations.
  • No motions shall be recognized by the Chair during questioning of Delegations but once a motion has been accepted by the Chair, no further representation shall be permitted by or of Delegations.


Delegations shall be subject to the following rules:

  1. Delegations shall address only those items in connection with which they are registered or have the consent of the meeting.
  2. Delegations shall not enter into cross debate with other Delegations, Health Unit staff or Board Members.