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Information Report
Q2 Operational Planning Status Update

Prepared By:

Darcie Renaud, Performance Improvement & Accountability Coordinator (PIAC), Planning & Strategic Initiatives Department


September, 2019


Q2 Operational Planning Status Update


In 2018, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) introduced a new Annual Service Plan (ASP) that Health Units are required to submit each year. An electronic planning and reporting system was created to support the development of the ASP and to monitor operational plan progress throughout the year. In this system work plans are developed for all public health interventions. These interventions directly address the programs provided by the WECHU.

The WECHU’s ASP provides details about planned expenditures and program plans for 2019, including 268 initially planned interventions tied to 61 programs. The MOHLTC requires program activity and financial reports in Q2 and Q4 of the implementation year, and an annual summary report. In addition, status updates are provided for interventions quarterly.

Current Initiatives

The appended report reflects the quarterly Board of Health summary report for Q2 of 2019. This report includes overall status information for the 235 interventions that were in progress in Q2 of 2019. A majority of the interventions were either on target or completed, though some interventions were cancelled or deferred until the following year. Proposed changes to public health operations and the 2019 labour disruption directly influenced the progress of some interventions. Further detail is provided about the status of programs based on the related interventions that were planned for operation in Q2 of 2019.


The following individuals contributed to this report:

  • Marc Frey, Manager, Planning & Strategic Initiatives 

Approved By:

Theresa Marentette