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Dental Renovations


The Consolidated Board By-laws for the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (“the WECHU”) as well as the WECHU Procurement Policy, require a non-competitive procurement in excess of $2,499 be approved by the Board. 


In April 2019, the Province of Ontario announced the implementation of an Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (“the Program”) for those Ontario residents 65 years of age and older, that meet certain income thresholds and do not have other dental insurance.  The Program is intended to be delivered by public health units, community health centers or aboriginal heath care centers in Ontario.  After local consultation and, taking into consideration the current capacity of the WECHU’s dental clinics in Windsor and Leamington, it was determined that the WECHU would be best-suited deliver this Program. 

The WECHU’s Windsor Oral Health Department has three (3) dental operatories. Only one (1) is equip with an x-ray machine, which restricts the capacity of the remaining two (2) operatories.  The conversion of an existing room (staff washroom) to an imaging room would increase the capacity of the two remaining operatories.

Based upon the WECHU’s procurement policy and given the estimated procurement value, the WECHU sought three (3) quotations.  Only one (1) of the three (3) proponents responded. The following are the details of the quotation:

Proponent:  Lester Construction
Total budget:  $16,950.00 plus HST

Based upon communications from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the WECHU understands that the Program could commence as early as October 1, 2019.  To address anticipated Program demands, the WECHU would recommend awarding this procurement to Lester Construction at a total budget of $16,950.00 plus HST.

Proposed Motion

Whereas, the WECHU requested three quotations for the aforementioned procurement, in accordance with the WECHU’s own procurement policy and,

Whereas, only one (1) of three (3) proponents responded and it is the WECHU’s understanding that the Program could commence October 1, 2019,

Now therefore be it resolved that the Windsor-Essex County Board of Health be permitted to contract with Lester Construction to convert an existing room in the WECHU’s Windsor Oral Health Department to an imaging room, at a total budget of $16,500.00 plus HST.