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Information Report
Q1 Strategic Plan

Prepared By:

Darcie Renaud, Performance Improvement & Accountability Coordinator (PIAC), Planning & Strategic Initiatives Department


May 2019


Q1 Strategic Plan Report


The 2017-2021 WECHU Strategic Plan sets out our plan to enhance our delivery of quality public health programs and services to all residents in Windsor and Essex County. The current strategic plan details our organization’s vision, mission, values, and our four strategic priorities.

Each quarter the Board of Health (BoH) will receive a report on the status of progress made towards the Strategic Priorities in that quarter.

Current Initiatives

The 2019 Q1 Strategic Plan Progress Report provides the objectives under each strategic priority with corresponding Q1 updates to measure our advancement towards achieving the goal. Progress has continued on most of the strategic objectives, and the WECHU remains on-track to achieve all objectives by 2021.

In Q1, the PSI and Communication departments also began work to re-launch communication efforts internally about the strategic plan, to ensure those in the organization continue to understand and integrate the strategic plan into their work.


The following individuals contributed to this report:

  • Kristy McBeth, Director, Health Protection
  • Marc Frey, Manager, Planning & Strategic Initiatives
  • Michael Janisse, Manager, Communications
  • Ramsay D’Souza, Manager, Evaluation & Epidemiology
  • Jessica Kipping-Labute, Policy Advisor, Planning & Strategic Initiatives

Approved by:

 Theresa Marentette