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Information Report
Q1 Planning Update

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Darcie Renaud, Performance Improvement & Accountability Coordinator (PIAC), Planning & Strategic Initiatives Department


May 2019


Q1 Planning Update 


In 2018, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) introduced a new Annual Service Plan (ASP) that Health Units are required to submit each year. In order to ensure a single, integrated approach to planning, the Planning and Strategic Initiatives (PSI) department worked with the Information Technology (IT) department to align our planning system with the MOHLTC requirements. With the support of PSI, staff members develop and enter their work plans which are then reviewed and approved by the leadership team and integrated in the WECHU’s Annual Service Plan for the Ministry.

Following the planning cycle each year, PSI undertakes an assessment of the process in order to understand the challenges and successes, and to look for ways to further improve for the next cycle. The PSI team then compiles and summarizes the feedback, and incorporates suggested changes and improvements into the next planning cycle.

Current Initiatives

Annual Service Plan (ASP) Submission

WECHU’s 2019 Annual Service Plan was submitted to the MOHLTC on April 1, 2019. The plan provides details about planned expenditures and program plans for 2019 including more than 198 interventions under 54 different programs to be delivered.

Reporting Structure

The MOHLTC provided reporting structures for Q4 of the 2018 ASP in early February.  The Financial reports were submitted on February 20 and program activity reports will be submitted on April 26.

Planning for 2020

The PSI and IT departments have begun to incorporate changes from the 2019 ASP template and reporting requirements, as well as the feedback received from managers and staff, into the planning approach for 2020.  It is anticipated that the next planning cycle will be launched in early summer.


The following individuals contributed to this report:

  • Kristy McBeth, Director, Knowledge Management
  • Marc Frey, Manager, Planning & Strategic Initiatives

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 Theresa Marentette