July 2022 Board of Health Meeting - CEO Quarterly Compliance Report Other

Meeting Document Type
CEO Quarterly Compliance Report

Period: April 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022

  1. For the period covered by this CEO Quarterly Compliance Report:
    1. The undersigned has personal knowledge of the matters herein reported or has made due inquiry with respect to the same.
    2. Except as reported in any previous CEO Quarterly Compliance Report, the undersigned reports as follows:
      1. that the Health Unit has been in material compliance with all laws, regulations, orders, judgments or decrees applicable to it.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing the Health Unit is current in respect of all tax and related withholding and remittances required by law;
      2. the Health Unit has been in material compliance with its By-laws;
      3. the Health Unit has been in material compliance with all other Board resolutions;
      4. the Health Unit has been in material compliance with all contracts and commitments to which the Health Unit is a party including without limitation all funding and accountability agreements;
      5. the Health Unit is current with respect to the payment of all remuneration (including salary and benefits) to its employees;
      6. there are no material variances between what is contemplated by the Operational Plan and what in fact transpired or appears likely to transpire;
      7. more specifically, no material changes are required in respect of financial resource allocation plans to address shifts in need and capacity;
      8. no material adverse change has occurred in the operations of the Health Unit or its assets and liabilities taken as a whole;
      9. there have been no material breaches of the Ethics Code of Conduct by anyone who is subject to it;
      10. there have been no unplanned terminations of any Health Unit employees;
      11. there have been no claims made pursuant to any insurance policies maintained by the Health unit, except as noted below, and,
      12. nothing has come to the attention of the undersigned which would materially adversely change any previous CEO Quarterly Compliance Report, except as detailed below:

              Items (vi), (vii), and (viii) have been revised due to the COVID -19 pandemic as follows:

  • The WECHU continues through the Organizational Emergency Response. As such, operations are shifted, including redeployments to meet the needs of the organization. Operational plans and finances are shifted in accordance with current public health demands including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The WECHU, in its response to COVID-19 within the communities of Windsor and Essex County has:
    • Redeployed staff as considered appropriate to facilitate our response to the pandemic including transition of staff from case and contact management to support the vaccination efforts as directed by the province.
    • Increased expenses related to vaccination to support resources required as per Ministry direction.

              Item (xi) notes the following claim:

  • On June 6, 2022, an air conditioning unit was stolen from the WECHU office located at 1005 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor.  The WECHU facilities department filed a report with the Windsor Police.  The WECHU has filed a claim with its property insurer for replacement of the air conditioning unit.  The WECHU is currently compiling estimates for replacement of the unit.  The replacement value of the unit is estimated to be $6,000 to $10,000.

Date: June 30, 2022


Nicole Dupuis, Chief Executive Officer