CANCELLED - May 2020 Board Meeting - Minutes

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Board Members Present:

Gary McNamara, Joe Bachetti, Tracey Bailey, Fabio Costante, Dr. Debbie Kane, Judy Lund, John Scott, Ed Sleiman, Larry Snively, Gary Kaschak, Rino Bortolin

Administration Present:

Theresa Marentette, Dr. Wajid Ahmed, Lorie Gregg, Nicole Dupuis, Kristy McBeth, Dan Sibley, Lee Anne Damphouse

QUORUM:  Confirmed

  1. Call to Order
    Board Chair, Gary McNamara, called the meeting to order at 4:04 p.m.
  2. Agenda Approval
    Moved by: Fabio Costante
    Seconded by: Tracey Bailey
    That the agenda be approved.
  3. Announcement of Conflicts of Interest – None
  4. Update (W. Ahmed)
    1. Coronavirus COVID-19 Update
      Dr. W. Ahmed provided an update noting there are currently 826 cases of COVID-19 in our community and 63 deaths, the majority in Long-Term Care Homes (LTCH). There are currently 9 LTCHs in outbreak, and a number have been rescinded. HThere has been a soft reopening of retail stores and some facilities across the province, but there is always the concern about a second wave and the public not following protective measures. We will be keeping a close eye on the number of cases in next 2-3 weeks for a better picture of the impact on openings.

      We have done presentations on the importance of testing the right people at the right time and many are finding it difficult what testing means and the results of those tests. We struggle with the community as well as some partners who want to test asymptomatic individuals, which can provide inappropriate data. We have completed testing in LTCHs and Retirement Homes in Windsor Essex, and there may be more interest in testing other congregate settings, i.e. migrant farms. We have seen about 50 cases so far and a good number are resolved, but there are still some active cases. This Saturday we will be doing enhanced testing at a local farm that has many cases with our team in collaboration with EMS. Many of you are aware that since the onset of the pandemic, our work here has significantly increased. We are working at double and triple capacity. Thanks to T. Marentette and our directors, we are increasing our capacity for case and contract tracing. From a testing perspective, we are planning to expand the role of our primary care providers. We will note for the media tomorrow how we are moving forward making tests accessible through primary care providers, and we will identify who these providers are. We are also working on a plan to do random testing in all of our municipalities (WECHU in partnership with EMS) to get a better idea of what is happening in each community. There are numerous businesses and organizations reaching out to us for guidance, i.e. University of Windsor, St. Clair College, and others as they plan on opening up services.

      G. McNamara said that as things open up the messaging must be that this is not over. Physical distancing still needs to happen. Dr. W. Ahmed agreed and said that we make it part of our daily messaging that opening up does not mean the virus is gone but increases changes of spreading. Testing is one snapshot of time, but distancing and handwashing are important to protect yourself and your family.

      J. Bachetti asked in terms of testing LTCH is there a plan concerning community home care where Personal Support Workers take care of patients in their home. Dr. W. Ahmed said that we are doing risk based testing and would rather reinforce that everyone take the appropriate precautions not to contact or spread the disease. If they are using PPE, and using it properly, it will not be transmitted to others. Just getting tested is not a defense.

      J. Lund asked about the status on testing the general population to see if they have already had the virus. Dr. W. Ahmed said that is the antibody test and would indicate if individuals were exposed to the virus and fought off the infection. Although not yet ready to release, the test has been recently approved in Canada.
      Moved by: Rino Bortolin
      Seconded by: Ed Sleiman
      That the information be received.

  5. Approval of Minutes
    1. Regular Board Meeting: February 20, 2020, April 16, 2020
      R. Bortolin asked that the February 20, 2020 minutes be revised to show that he was present for the meeting, via telephone, until 5:20 pm. The minutes will be updated to reflect this change.
      Moved by: Larry Snively
      Seconded by: Dr. Debbie Kane
      That the minutes be approved.
  6. Business Arising – None
  7. Consent Agenda
      1. 2020 Board of Health Competency Self-Evaluation Results and accompanying 2020 Report Card (T. Marentette)
        Brought to the Board for information.
      2. Consumption and Treatment Services Site – Location Consultation and Application Status (T. Marentette)
        The initial work involved getting the advisory committee together and determining criteria for next steps. We consulted with other sites and were advised to choose locations on set criteria followed by community engagement strategies to ensure all concerns are identified and mitigation plans discussed. This would need to go to our Board and the municipalities chosen for a location(s) for approval, and we still need to submit an application. WECHU has hired an individual on a contract basis to the end of the year.

        As things reopen, we believe we can go forward safely and create a site that will adhere to physical distancing requirements, but will look different than originally thought. The majority of our staff is currently dedicated to COVID work at this time, but we are moving forward with some programs and initiatives.

      3. Vaping Regulations and Legislation (N. Dupuis)
        Brought to the Board for information.
      4. WECHU COVID-19 Response and Program Updates (All)
        Brought to the Board for information.

      Moved by: Fabio Costante
      Seconded by: Rino Bortolin
      That the information reports be received.

      1. 2020-21 Budget for Programs Funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services – Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program and Nurse Practitioner Program (L. Gregg)
        L. Gregg noted that funding by the MCCSS remained consistent from prior years. HBHC Programs are down from 27 FTE’s to 26.

        The NP program has a budget of 139k with an actual cost of $154k. The overage will be covered from cost-shared programming to support the salary of one FTE.
        Moved by: Ed Sleiman
        Seconded by: Tracey Bailey
        That the budget be approved as received.

  8. Board Correspondence – None
  9. New Business
    1. Re-opening Businesses in W-E Webinar with Windsor-Regional Chamber of Commerce, May 28, 2020 (W. Ahmed)
      Dr. W. Ahmed noted we are planning a webinar/Q&A session in partnership with the Windsor-Regional Chamber of Commerce on how businesses can safely open and operate. The Chamber will provide us question in advance and we will prepare slides and documents for support. We are hoping that the session can be recorded and shared if anyone needs answers to their concerns on how to safely open up their business.

      G. McNamara asked Dr. W. Ahmed his advice regarding personal use of masks as businesses reopen, and what his recommendation would be when patronizing businesses. Dr. W. Ahmed made the recommendation last week that when businesses open up and distancing cannot be maintained a cloth mask should be worn if used appropriately. There has been some research done and cloth masks can be 50% -80% effective depending on the type of material. If using inappropriately, such as in a public setting and people touching surfaces touch their mask this can increase the risk of infection by transferring the virus onto their face.
      Moved by: John Scott
      Seconded by: Rino Bortolin
      That the information be received.

  10. Other Board of Health Resolutions/Letters
    1. WECHU Advocacy Letter for Radon Funding (K. McBeth)
      The letter outlines what the Board requested back in January from an Information Report on Radon. The letter was addressed to the Minister of Finance, the Honourable Bill Mourneau.
      Moved by: Judy Lund
      Seconded by: Fabio Costante
      That the information be received.
  11. Committee of the Whole (CLOSED SESSION, in accordance with Section 239 of the Municipal Act)
    The Board moved into Committee of the Whole at 4:59 pm
    The Board moved out of Committee of the Whole at 5:26 pm
  12. Next Meeting: At the Call of the Chair, or June 18, 2020 Via Video
  13. Adjournment
    Moved by: Rino Bortolin
    Seconded by: John Scott
    That the meeting be adjourned.
    The meeting adjourned at 5:28 pm.