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Good habits start early for children. Healthy teeth are an important part of your child's overall health.  

Here is some information to help kids brush up on their oral health care skills. Good daily habits can help keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WECHU) has dental programs and services to help children 0 to 17. For more information about our Health Unit's dental services click on a link below:

Chew on This!

Here we present interesting information and program updates of the WECHU Dental Health Department:

Community Water Fluoridation (CWF)

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit’s Board of Directors recommends that the Province of Ontario amend the regulations of the Safe Drinking Water Act to require community water fluoridation for all municipal water systems (when source-water levels are below the Health Canada recommended level of 0.7 mg/L) to prevent dental caries (tooth decay) and provide the funding and support to municipalities required.