Application to Open or Re-Open Recreational Water Facilities

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As defined in Ontario Regulation 565: Public Pools (s. 2.0 and s. 2.1), the following types of recreational water facilities are included as part of this application:

  1. Public Pools (Class A and Class B)
  2. Public Spas
  3. Class C facilities , which includes:
    1. public wading pools
    2. public spray pads or public splash pads, and
    3. water slide receiving basins that serve solely as a receiving basin for persons at the bottom of a water slide. (O. Reg. 141/18: Public Pools, s. 2)

The Health Unit also offers a free online training course for pool and spa operators that provides education about pool and spa maintenance, safety, and compliance with the Ontario Regulation 565: Public Pools.

This notification must be submitted at least 14 days before opening a public pool, public spa or Class C facility after construction, alteration, or after it has been closed for more than 4 weeks O.Reg 565 s. 5(1)

Location and Contact Information
Type of Facility (check all that apply)
Facility Types
Class A Pool Location
Class B Pool Location
Class C Facility Location
Public Spa Location
Designated Operator(s) Contact Information
(e.g. Employee(s)/ Pool Management Company).
Notification of construction and/or alteration (if applicable)
Has there been any construction or alterations made to the recreations water facility?
  1. In accordance with Section 5 of Ontario Regulation 565, I hereby provide notification to the Medical Officer of Health of my intention to re-open a recreational water facility.
  2. I have obtained and read a copy of Regulation 565 of Revised Regulations of Ontario 1990. I am fully aware of and certify that the requirements of the Regulations have been met.