Where can I get more information?

The following websites contain useful information and resources

Nutrition Facts Table

A nutrition facts table is a great tool that can help consumers make informed food choices when grocery shopping.

These websites have information on food labels (including ingredients lists) and nutrition facts table.

Portion Sizes and Balanced Meals

These websites have resources on portion sizes and balanced meals:

Mindful Eating – Hunger and Thirst Cues

Learning to recognize and listen to your body’s feelings of hunger, thirst and fullness can help develop healthy eating habits. Mindful eating is the practice of eating with the intention to care for your body and the attention to the needs of your body. This includes being aware of your body’s physical and emotional cues, as well as other factors that influence the desire to eat and drink.

This lesson plan discusses some of the reasons people eat. Including discussions on hunger, fullness, and thirst cues.

Unlock Food: http://www.unlockfood.ca/en/default.aspx

Includes information on nutrition, food and healthy eating as well as recipes, videos and interactive healthy eating tools. Content developed by Registered Dietitians from Dietitians of Canada.

Lesson Plans

These websites have lesson plans that can help you teach nutrition and healthy eating


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