Elementary Students to be Suspended if Immunization Information Not Updated with the WECHU

Having Updated Immunization Records Protects our Community.

As required by Ontario’s Immunization of Schools Pupils Act (ISPA), the health unit must have a complete record of required vaccines, or a valid exemption on file, for every student attending school in their region. The ISPA is a law, and it requires parents/guardians to report child immunizations to the health unit in their area. Health care providers are not required to do this.

Ensuring that the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WECHU) has updated immunization records for all students in Windsor and Essex County is important to help prevent the spread of vaccine preventable diseases. By law, students who are either overdue for one or more vaccines and/or who have not provided their immunization records to the WECHU can be suspended from school.


  • Parents/guardians need to provide their child’s updated immunization records to the health unit.
  • The school/school board does not issue suspension orders and cannot cancel a suspension order.
  • The WECHU will withdraw the suspension order and inform the student’s school once their file is updated with the missing information.

Students who have been suspended are required to provide the WECHU with records for missing immunizations and/or a valid exemption. Once a parent or guardian provides the student’s updated immunization information to the health unit:

  • The student’s immunization record will be updated,
  • The suspension will be lifted,
  • The school will be informed, and
  • The student can return to school immediately.

The WECHU is here to help affected families at our Windsor and Leamington offices. Services provided include: immunization counselling and support, updating immunization records, and administration of missing vaccines. Families are encouraged to visit wechu.org/getimmunized for more information.


  1. Report missing immunization information to the WECHU. If a health care provider has records of these immunizations, you can contact their office and request immunization information be faxed to the WECHU. Otherwise, submit this information to the WECHU by:
    1. Clicking: immune.wechu.org
    2. Faxing: 519-258-7288
    3. Visiting: one of our offices - Windsor: 1005 Ouellette Avenue or Leamington 33 Princess Street
  2. Submit a completed immunization exemption form to the WECHU. This applies to medical exemption forms and notarized statements of conscience or religious exemption forms. Visit our Immunization Requirements for School page for more information.
  3. Book an appointment for your child to get caught up on required vaccine(s), by contacting the student’s health care provider. After your child receives any immunizations, remember to submit updated immunization information to the WECHU.

Immunization Records Needing Translation

If your child has an immunization record in a language other than English or French, please have the record translated and bring the translated record to the health unit. Some agencies may charge a fee for translating the records and it usually takes several weeks to translate an immunization record. Here are some services in our community that provide translation services of immunization records:

  • Multicultural Council (MCC) of Windsor-Essex translates immunization records for a fee; this service takes between 4 to 6 weeks. A nurse practitioner from the MCC also provides student immunizations.
  • New Canadians’ Centre for Excellence translates immunization records for free; this service takes between 4 to 6 weeks.
  • VON Immigrant Health Clinic provides free translation of immunization records that are in Latin letters or Arabic languages; this service takes about 1 to 2 weeks. Vaccines can be administered to students who are clients of their clinic.
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