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Our Recreational Water program helps to protect our community when enjoying the many beaches, pools, whirlpools, splash pads, wading pools, and waterslides in Windsor and Essex County.



The Health Unit will NOT be performing weekly beach inspections or testing beach water for the presence of E.Coli for the 2020 season. For more information about beach safety, visit our beach safety webpage.

New for 2020

For owners/operators of any public recreational water facility, including municipalities, or other agencies who oversee the operations of public beaches please read the “COVID-19 Guidelines for Re-Opening of Recreational Water Facilities and Beaches in Windsor-Essex County” document for detailed information on measures to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Before opening or re-opening a recreational water facility after a closure of 4 weeks or more or after a renovation, you must notify the health unit and apply for an inspection at least 14 days PRIOR to facility opening by filling out this online form. Once the Health Unit receives your application, a Public Health Inspector will contact you to arrange for the inspection.

Pools, Spas, Spray/Splashpads and Waterslides

The Environmental Health Department inspects other public recreational water facilities such pools, spas, spray/splashpads, and waterslides.

The Health Unit also offers a free online training course for pool and spa operators that provides education about pool and spa maintenance, safety, and compliance with the Ontario Regulation 565: Public Pools.