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A Bike Friendly Workplace Award can be awarded to any Windsor-Essex County employer that supports employees to use their bicycle as a form of active transportation. A Bike Friendly Workplace Award is an excellent way for an organization to be recognized for their commitment to employee well-being and overall community health.

The Bike Friendly Workplace Award levels are based on the fulfillment of five bike friendly workplace criteria: Promotion, Education, Environmental Support, Incentives, and Policy.

Review the various award levels and decide what aligns with your organizations’ commitment to a Bike Friendly Workplace. Once you have selected the award level you intend on applying for, use the checklist to ensure that you provide all required items when you submit your application online.

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  • TWO out of the five bike friendly workplace criteria


  • THREE out of the five bike friendly workplace criteria


  • FOUR out of the five bike friendly workplace criteria


  • ALL five bike friendly workplace criteria


  • ALL five bike friendly criteria
  • Pro Bicycle Statement within your Bike Friendly Workplace Policy
  • Evidence that cycling is supported as a form of active transportation at all work sites


Bike Friendly Award recipients will have 5-year increments of receiving any level of a Bike Friendly Workplace Award denoted on their plaque (i.e., 5 years, 10 years, 15 year).  For example, if an employer received Gold for two years, Platinum for two years and Platinum Plus this year, then they would have a 5 year long service recognition on their Bike Friendly Workplace plaque this year.




Promotion or Awareness Raising Activities

The workplace promotes cycling as part of its organizational culture (e.g., commuting to work, cycling for healthy environments as a benefit).

Pamphlets or brochures (e.g., ‘Cycling and The Law’)

Posters on bulletin boards

Information attached to pay stubs

Information shared by e-mail, social media, intranet

Support or promote a cycling group or event


Education or Skill Building Activities

The workplace provides educational opportunities (e.g., presentation, web links, safety brochure) about cycling for their employees.

Bicycle road safety basics

Proper fitting of a bicycle helmet

Bicycle repair maintenance 101

Contests or challenges, such as a Park and Ride program or event so that employees who can not bike the entire commute to work can park their vehicle and bike the rest of the route with colleagues.


Environmental Supports


The workplace provides facilities to support employees in riding their bicycles to work.

Maps of cycling routes to the workplace

Designated secure parking areas, bike lockers or bike racks

Employee change areas

Lockers, showers


The workplace encourages and supports cycling by providing incentives.


Cyclist-friendly dress code

Discounts at cycling stores negotiated by the workplace

Company vehicles available for cyclists (if needed for work related business)

Contests such as quizzes or challenges with prizes related to cycling


The workplace supports using the bicycle as a form of active transportation through various policies.


For Platinum Plus Only: A Pro Bicycle Statement in your bicycle friendly workplace policy should identify the employer’s commitment to promotion, education, environmental supports and incentives related to bicycling as a form of active transportation.

Bike Friendly Workplace Policy

Maintenance or Security of Bicycles Policy

Work Travel Policy (e.g., loaner vehicle to drive home if it rains, use of bike to travel on business where practical)

Bicycle safety (e.g., helmets, lights, bicycle inspection if commuting or traveling on work time)

For Platinum Plus Only: In your bike friendly workplace policy, include a Pro Bicycle Statement, such as:

Our workplace provides education, environmental supports, and incentives to promote employees to use their bicycle as a form of active transportation. 



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