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Our Health Unit provides a high quality, flexible program that adapts to meet the needs of your workplace. We work in partnership with other local community organizations, service providers and unions to offer a comprehensive workplace wellness program to promote the health of employees and their families, and helps create and support healthy workplace environments. 

The Working Toward Wellness (WTW) Program provides resources, activities, and suggestions to support wellness initiatives in the workplace. The WTW program offers a minimum of three wellness initiatives throughout the year, each focusing on a different health topic. 

The following are a list of wellness components that are available for each initiative: 

Health Issues Newsletter

This resource is the cornerstone of the WTW Program. It provides topic specific information, listings of community events, and educational websites.

Personal Health Guide

The Personal Health Guide is designed to allow individuals at any level of readiness to change their behaviour. 

Ideas to Promote 

A list of suggestions for activities and events to help you promote this initiative to your employees. 

List of Community Resources

A list of reliable local agencies that can be contacted to attend health fairs resources (e.g., brochures, guides), and websites that may provide more information on the topic. 

Display Resources 

These resources are a way for you to create a mini resource centre at your workplace. We offer resources on a variety of topics related to the initiative from reliable organizations. 

Employee Contest 

The contest is designed to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills and to promote healthy behaviours. The contest will provide employees with fun and interactive opportunities to learn more about the topic.  


E-bulletins are a series of two-page fact sheets that allow you to provide information about wellness topics to employees during your initiative. The e-bulletins will be sent to you in PDF format by email. They can be printed, copied, emailed to employees, or posted on your website. 

Environmental Support and Policy Ideas

Sustaining a behaviour change often requires creating environments that support the changes. Supportive environments may include physical and social changes or developing corporate guidelines or policies promoting the desired behaviour change. We provide a variety of ideas to help you create a workplace environment that supports employee health. 

Contact us at 519-258-2146 ext. 3100 to schedule a consultation on how to implement or expand your workplace wellness program.