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Distribute credible information on your workplace wellness bulletin boards, by e-mail or on your intranet such as:

Host a Lunch & Learn,  education session or food skills demonstration led by a dietitian. Contact call 519-258-2146 ext. 3200 for a list of possible speakers.

Host an archived Healthy at Work webinar from the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit:

Online Nutrition Month Healthy Eating Challenge in March with the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit

Offer a variety of healthy food choices in the cafeteria, vending machines, at meetings, and at special events.

Provide a refrigerator and microwave in break areas so employees can bring healthy lunches from home.

Provide credible nutrition information in the employee eating area.

Reduce the sale of sugary drinks and sweets in the cafeteria and vending machines.

Make water available by placing pitchers around the table at meetings or special events.

When planning a fundraiser, consider ways to fundraise without food, such as donating to participate in dress-down days. If food is sold, offer a variety of healthy choices.

Healthy Meetings/ Meet Smart Policy

Healthy Vending Machine Policy

Healthy Eating at Work Policy

Add Dietitian coverage to the list of health service providers covered by your benefit plan.

Take Charge Workplace - Work with a dietitian from the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit to receive support to create workplace environments that encourage healthy eating behaviours. Receive support to accomplish the following:

  • Engage with your organization to increase awareness and knowledge of the importance of healthy eating and supportive nutrition environments
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate changes to the food environment
  • Develop and implement policies that promote a supportive nutrition environment

For more information or to request a Take Charge Tooklit, contact call 519-258-2146 ext. 3200

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