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Welcome to Stronger You, the final issue of the three-part Healthy Bodies series. The goal of this series is to provide you with information, resource links, and practical tips on how to achieve a healthier body. This initiative will provide you information, tips and guidance on how to prevention or manage musculoskeletal disorders.

This wellness initiative has the following resources for you and your workplace:

Health Issues in the Workplace Newsletter: Healthy Bodies: Stronger You

The articles in this newsletter will provide you with information on ways to prevent and manage musculoskeletal disorders so that you can function to your full potential, both at work and at home.

Personal Health Guide: Smarts Steps to Live Longer: Let’s Get Physical

The Personal Health Guide will provide tips on how to maintain good muscle and bone health through participation in various types of physical activity, including strength training, flexibility, and cardiovascular activities. 


The contest is designed to test your knowledge about musculoskeletal disorders and injuries and what you can do to manage them, or reduce the risk of getting one. Read the Healthy Bodies: Stronger You newsletter and then, mark the statements True or False on the contest sheet.

This poster can be used to help promote the Healthy Bodies: Stronger You contest.

Tip Poster

This poster can be used to help promote the Healthy Bodies: Stronger You initiative.

Ideas to Promote

This is a list of suggestions to help promote this initiative to your employees. The intention is for you to use one or more activities and/or events to generate interest and awareness about this topic.

Stretch Break Factsheet

This factsheet includes a series of stretches for your entire body with easy to follow guidelines.


These are a series of four two-page factsheets that provide detailed information about how to reach and keep a healthy body weight. Every four weeks during the initiative a new factsheet will be posted below. These e-bulletins can then be printed and copied, emailed to employees, or posted on your workplace’s website. 

Weigh In On Healthy Joints